Pramod Mutalik is seeing Asiya..

Asiya Andrabi, founder and leader of the all-women separatist group, the Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) is said to be dating the one and only flamboyant Casanova and Sri Ram Sena chief Pramod Mutalik. This information came to light when a ardent social networking site subscriber came across the scrap book of Asiya and found that a certain guy from her friends list had posted mushy scraps. The subscriber was further amazed when he found out that Asiya had actually replied to the mysterious stranger with equally mushy posts.

On further investigation, it was found that the mysterious stranger was none other than our very own moral moron Pramod Mutalik. Pramod apparently has been dating Asiya for over 5 years now. The duo first met at a rally organized in Jammu by one of the senas to protest against valentines day. It was indeed love at first sight and the two have been seeing each other quietly and even went for a vacation in Andamans near about the time when the tsunami struck. After return, the two have kept in touch via web chat and occasional calls through VoIP. The self styled moral general has even gifted his lady love satin lingerie with PM insignia.

DeM has already signed two MoUs with Sri Ram sena to explore areas for cooperation and work towards enslaving young Indians. These MoUs have been driven by the chiefs of the two anti social organizations. “In the future, DeM may merge with Sri Ram Sena or even become a majority owned subsidiary of the later. Already, the marcom team of DeM is working out of SRS office in New Delhi and the future may see more integration,” a moral expert told this blogger.


Apple said…
satin lingerie with PM insignia
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