Mutalik to star in the next Batman adventure

All round nut and Taliban mascot Pramod Mutalik has been signed on by Warner Bros to essay the role of villain Scarecrow in the upcoming Batman movie “When crows croak”.

Mutalik, the second villain in the movie after penguin, will play the role of a frustrated principal of a sub urban school. One day after punishing an errant kid, he drives far away from the school and ends up in an abandoned pagan temple. This is where the grump old school head transforms into the even nastier scarecrow (after touching a centuries old cursed bracelet), who then teams up with penguin to take on the caped crusader.

When contacted, Mutalik confirmed the offer. “They were looking for a grumpy old guy who looked insane and could act well. Initially they weren’t confident about my insanity; but were convinced when I showed them my speeches and the Mangalore videos. I was signed on instantly,” Mutalik said. The shooting is slated to commence early March and Mutalik will fly to Warner Bros studios to shoot his part of the film.

Mutalik is all smiles at the offer and the role. “This is great. I have been a villain in real life since eternity and now I will get a chance to prove my acting prowess in front of a global audience. Besides, the role of scarecrow won’t be anything new for me as I have been a conservative scarecrow for quite a while now,” Mutalik claimed. His supports have meanwhile said that Mutalik will be carrying a pink chaddi gifted by one of his detractors with him, for inspiration.

Imagine Mutalik on the Red Carpet,…it’s a strange world and anything is possible…anything.


Anonymous said…
er. havent you written too many muthalik ones?
Prayukth said…
Yeap will be last one (hopefully) :))
Absolute said…
Mutalik on the Red carpet with a pink chaddhi!
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apple said…
so hez the new METROSEXUAL batman..with Pink chaddi??
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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