NASA to fly Taliban and Mutalik

American space agency National Aeronataks and Staged Administration (NASA) has evinced interest in sending a bunch of hardline nuts to space in an attempt to document the affect of zero gravity on thought processes and ideologies. For this unique experiment, NASA has prepared a list that reads like the whos who of the clown world. The not so impressive list has names like Taliban joker Baitulah Masood, Commie rat Prakash Ka-rat, Chinese premier lee, hu, woo or whatever and of course our very own chaddi king Pramod Mutalik.

NASA intends to expose the subjects to varying environment including extremes of temperature, oxygen levels and sunlight and darkness to determine if these parameters have any impact on hardened ideologies. A key objective would be to find out if these expendable subjects show any form of deviance during the experiment to be carried out in specially built cabins.

“The list is not exhaustive and we will be adding names over the next few weeks. For now we are focusing on preparing an inventory of tests that would be carried out in space,” a NASA spokesman told bloggers in Cape Canaveral on Friday. NASA hopes to change the thought process of the subjects and bring about a positive change in their mindset that will benefit humanity at large. “In case these guys do not change their ideology, we can always dump them in space and that’s an option we are retaining,” the NASA spokesperson said.

None of the subjects could be reached for comment at the time of going to press.


Absolute said…
I think one of the experiments should be - how long does it take to burn out the space cube completely if let loose in gravity - and how it differs from one person to the other! may be we can carry out a race of sorts..
Prayukth said…
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