Only Marathi speaking terrorists can attack Mumbai: Raj Thackeray

In a statement that could have been issued by Hitler, Aussies or even Klu Klan members, all round racist and national disintegration in charge Raj Thackeray has stated that in the future only Marathi speaking terrorists will be allowed to attack Mumbai. This statement was made by the racist clown at a thinly attended press conference organized by his non-descript party in Mumbai on Friday.

“Yes, just like there are language requirements for taxi drivers and those who wish to make a living in Aamchi Mumbai, even terrorists will have to speak and write fluent Marathi before they can attack us. We don’t want to be attacked by goons who cannot even speak our language. I will take this matter up at the highest level,” Raj Thackeray said. “All militants will be subject to a language test before they are allowed to attack,” he added. 

He also said that drunken drivers like Nooriya Yusuf Haveliwala will be let off if they prove that they can read and write Marathi. 

The Indian government has meanwhile indicated that it might deport Raj Thackeray to Australia if he doesn’t stop his racist rantings soon. “We have had enough of this politcal lunatic and it is our firm opinion that he belongs to Australia,” a senior external affairs ministry official told this blogger.

It may be remembered that Raj Thackeray had gone into hiding, during 26-11 and appeared on the scene only after NSG had eliminated the Pakistani rats who had sneaked in.


Charu said…
Good one ;) ... I m sure his men are ready for attack also after all his men are no less than terrorists!
Apple said…
1. I laughed when i read teh headline
2. what will happen if he'd deported to Aus?? He'll let them beatup everyone xcpt Marathi Manoos!!
3. Hez an idiot! period
TrustMe said…
Thx for bringing in the truth ;P

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