Raj Thackery is now a visiting faculty at Jinnah Institute

Karachi-based Jinnah institute, an academic body dedicated to studying divisive policies and implementing them in politics, has appointed MNS head Raj Mockery as guest faculty. An announcement to this effect was made by Jinnah Institute register Faqrudin Khan in Karachi today.

“We were quite impressed by Mockery’s divisive mindset. Not since the days of Jinnah have we had such a divisive minded politician. This guy can split brothers, families, communities and even a nation and we are excited by the potential shown by him”, Khan said justifying the appointment.

Apparently, Mockery’s name was suggested by none other than former Pakistani dictator Gen Musharraf. Musharraf, was following the events that happened in Mumbai quite closely for the past few days and is said to have asked Khan to offer some vocation to Mockery, who seemed like he needed one, sources told this blogger. In addition, Mockery reminded Musharraf of the Jinnah himself, trying to sow the seeds of hatred and communal divide among people to meet political ends.

In Mumbai, Mockery was quite elated when he heard the news. “Today we won’t destroy any public property or attack and kill people as we are really happy. It’s a great honor to be compared with the one and only champion of divide and rule politics, Jinnah. I have always wanted to be like him since childhood and to be compared with him so soon is indeed a pleasant surprise. I will try and live up to the benchmark and tomorrow my party workers will be back to burning trains and destroying public property again,” Raj said.

Meanwhile, Mockery’s party, the No Nirman Sayna, has announced a temporary ban on burning public transport vehicles for a day. Newly appointed Sayna spokesperson Adam Gilchrist said on Sunday that his party will instead be celebrating the appointment by staying off the roads. Ruling out any more compromises, Gilchrist said that this was only for a day and that after 24 hours the workers will get back to what they do best – destroying public property and his leader will issue more mindless threats.

Denying all reports suggesting that Mockery had gone underground, the former Ozzie wicke(d)t keeper said that his leader was as brave as a hyena and was not hiding from anyone, except himself. When reminded that Mockery had the blood of innocent Indians on his hands, Gilly said that he had he had shook hands with the No Nirman chief and found no traces of blood on his hands. “I have seen his hands and there was no blood there in fact this is a rumor spread by some mischievous elements,” Gilly claimed.


arun said…
Quite heavy in the beginning i would say... anyways the guy under fire deserves all that....

by the way.. what is gilly doing there?? what has he done to feature along side these jokers???
Apple said…
No..he deserves absolutelty NOTHING.....
anything2his CREDIT would be probably honouring that @%$(@#*$9
Prayukth said…
Hey appy..

chill... we will thrash this freak mockery even more in the days to come ;)
Jaidev Jamwal said…
This blog is great. Keep up posting such serious and thought provoking stuff. :D

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