Nooriya may get Padmashree

Nooriya Yusuf Haveliwala, the girl who had managed to get drunk, crash her CRV into various targets and kill people has been recomdended for the “prestigious” Padmashree award. This comes close in the heels of Indian government conferring the award to controversial hotelier Sant Chatwal. The government hopes that Padma award will serve as a strong deterrent for those still planning to get behind the wheel after gulping over 50 ml of OH.

“I cannot confirm or deny this news. All I can say is yes, Nooriya’s name is on a tentative list that we have prepared and we will be forwarding this list to the concerned ministry. Nooriya has done remarkably well for herself by turning into a poster girl for our don’t-drink-and-drive campaign,” minister for drunken driving, facebook abuse and Windows OS errors, Chavvani Lal said.

Mahesh Bhatt, the jobless movie director has meanwhile announced that he will be making  a movie on the incident. "This one will have a underworld angle to it and will star none other than our human vacuum cleaner Emran Hashmi. The female lead is yet to be finalized and I will share the name as soon as I locate Emran." Bhatt said. The music of the movie has already been released, he claimed. 

In a somewhat related development, Pakistan has denied any involvement in the incident and blamed “non state actors” for the episode. “We will extend full cooperation to the Indian authorities to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to book. I had already told the Indian government that Pakistan will not be able to prevent another terror attack in India so you cannot blame us,” Pak PM Geelani said. When told that it was a case of drunken driving and that no one in India had pointed a finger at Pakistan in anyway, Geelani claimed that his next Tweet to the nation was due and excused himself.  


Apple said…
Well..its become so easy to get one these people with teh same name as teh award will also get it!! :P

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