Interview with a real nutjob

Arnab Ghostsawme, our crime correspondent, in conversation with Pramod Nutalik, the head goon of Sri Ram Sena.

AG: Whats wrong with you? What did you achieve by attacking those girls at Amnesia?

PN: whats wrong? Those girls were having a good time with guys and besides they were dressed very skimpily, almost as skimpily as those models from the Kingfisher calendar lying on my desktop. I was aghast at this..

AG: Oh so you are a Kingfisher subscriber I what exactly was your grievance?

PN: How could these girls go out with other guys and avoid members of the Sri Ram Sena? My guys are also handsome and good looking. Its just that we want our women to stay at home, take care of the house, cook food, look after the kitchen and consider their husbands as gods.

AG: What kind of a nut are you? How dare you say such things. You know, in my house I do all that and in addition I bring the groceries and take care of her parents too and you know what? I do this because I love her and my respect for her only grows when I see what she has achieved in life. My parents have always taught me to respect women.

PN: Your parents were obviously wrong and you are a hen pecked coward that’s why you can’t say no to your wife. Why don’t you join one of our camps..we will teach you how to thrash women and make them obey your will…they have to be oriented you see.

AG: No thanks. If you are a real man, step out of your house and meet Renuka Chowdary and just tell her what you just told me. She will simply jump on you and then you will be turned into a dehydrated piece of worthless protoplasm.

PN: Don’t dole out such empty threats. My boys can take care of all such women.

AG: You know I really pity you. You are nothing but a psychotic neuropath. Your top floor is not empty but non existent. Your Jurassic ideology is older than stone age. What’s worse you have brought shame on my country. You know a day will come when you will learn that men and women are equal in the eyes of the law. There are thousands of women out there who are working hard to run their families, companies and even the nation. And morons like you feel that they don’t have the right to hang out with people they like and do what they feel is good for them? You are an amoeba minded freak..i think you are a Pakistani who has wrongly taken birth in India.. I don’t want to interview talking to you is an insult to all the women I know.

PN: Thanks..


S N Deepak said…
Hi Prayukth, it's too good. Can't stop laughing! Kudos.
Apple said…
Thesaurus could have not come up with a better definition of Hypocrits...

and HANDSOME men??yeah they are such pretty boys that girls would faint and NEVER getup ever again..WHAT beauties Sri Ram Sena has.. :)
Prayukth said…
Hhahah :) No wonder they are jealous :)))

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