The most-hated Indian

Karat is Indian idle..

Top commie and all round India baiter Prakash Karat was crowned Indian Idle at the end of a nail biting final yesterday. The contest, which ran for 14 weeks over different sites, had Karat pitted against the likes of Devil Gowda, Mayawathi, Mulayam, Rajat Sharma, Horror doc, etc. With this win, Karat is now the most-hated Indian on the planet.

From day one, Karat was a surefire winner. However, the presence of Devil Gowda and new entrants like horror doc were threatening to upset his applecart. As weeks progressed, Karat sailed smoothly and he made it to the penultimate round without much effort. In the final, Karat came face to face with Devil Gowda. After the audience poll, Karat and Gowda were running neck-to-neck and so the whole competition boiled down to judges QnA round. In this round Karat was asked as to what he would do if he could just do one thing right. Without batting an eyelid, Karat replied, “I would call my paymasters in Beijing to find out”. When Gowda was asked the same question, he simply said “I am confident that I cannot do anything right”.

Karat now wins a one way ticket to Timbuktoo. But before that, his Indian passport will be revoked in a public ceremony. When asked about how he felt over the victory, Karat said “this win belongs more to my party than me. This is the result of following Jurassic era ideologies, hobnobbing with anti-Indian forces and of course our diverse anti-national activities”. Government of China has already issued a note congratulating him and the Commie Party of India.

Devil Gowda, meanwhile expressed his anguish over the results and said that he was cheated and that the whole event was rigged. “I am the most-hated Indian and I deserve to be Indian idle. I have been one of the most ineffective PMs ever and so I should have won this contest,” he said. Other contestants weren’t so upset. Mulayam is confident that he will do well next year.

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Apple said…
someone is sure about some things atleast.. :)

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