Global penguinhunt launched for Happy Feet

The penguin known as "Happy Feet" who went missing on his way home from New Zealand has apparently joined a group of underground neo-communists in Bolivia.

Happy Feet's satellite transmitter went quiet on Friday, less than a week after experts released the bird from a research ship into the Southern Ocean about a quarter of the way down to Antarctica. Initial dispatches from the device showed that Happy swam in a strange meandering route, ending up about 120 kilometers southeast of where he began by the time the last transmission came across Friday morning. Experts say his looping pattern was indeed puzzling and not like anything they had seen before.

Happy Feet family - granny, dad and
mom (L-R) are a worried lot
In the midst of all this, Interpol on Tuesday morning (GMT) launched a Red Corner Notice (RCN) for the escapee. Our sources in CIA claim that they have ample proof to indicate that the penguin has joined a secret neo-communist group Socialistas de un Nuevo Amanecer (SduNA) in Bolivia. Top sleuths in CIA HQ in Langley had a secret meeting on Monday evening to take stock of the situation and president Obama was given a 15 minute briefing by CIA chief that night. At that meeting, it was decided to chase the penguin and take him into custody at the earliest to prevent him from turning into a communist icon.

Obama then directed the FBI to request Interpol to issue a RCN. FBI promptly filed a fake case against the penguin of embezzlement and misappropriation and a got the Interpol to issue a notice. Happy's pic has been issued to airports across the globe and Interpol's nodal agencies have been asked to remain on a state of high alert. Interpol sources declined a chat invitation from Humor Unplugged while FBI has refused to go on record.

Happy Feet with comrades
at an undisclosed location
Pakistan meanwhile has denied reports appearing in a section of the press alleging she was harboring the penguin. "All such reports are false and misleading. The are baseless and the government of Pakistan denies them. We are ready to extend all support and cooperation to US to bring the penguin to book," Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani said in London while shopping for a Herm├Ęs Birkin bag.

Humor Unplugged has managed to obtain a secret CIA pic showing Happy Feet at a meeting with his fellow communists at an undisclosed location. The picture was taken a few days back after Happy went missing. The other penguins are alleged SduNA recruiters in Antarctica.


Mishi said…
hahahahahahaha....the Khar bit is so true! I wonder if she ever manages to think anything else then her freaking Damn expensive shoping items..
I love Happy feet plz continue telling me more about him..em worried about him now:-) i hope he stays safe ,away from CIA;p
:) dont worry Mishi :) he will be safe..Humor Unplugged loves animals and we will not let anything happen to that kid..:) will keep you posted :)) take care :)
Sujatha Sathya said…
still laughing

i need your brain now :)

time to follow you - seriously - for this daily dose of humor is going to do me a lot of good for sure
:) thanks Sujatha :) youve made my's coffee is on me :)))))

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