Imran Khan faints as John Kerry goes dressed as a drone to meet him

Not many know that US Secretary of State celebrated Halloween in Islamabad.

It was a normal Thursday for Imran Khan till Kerry landed up at his doorstep dressed as a US predator drone complete with sound and scare. Here is how the events unfolded on the day that the cricketer turned politician will never forget.

At 6PM, Imran Khan finished his daily meeting with senior Talibani officials and stepped
Pakistan's official response to the incident
out for a long walk in his lawn. As he was walking, suddenly Khan heard a swishing sound and turned around only to see a predator flying at ground level. Khan at first ducked and tried to hide screaming “I Love New York” and even tried to recite “Oh can’t you see”. Stress soon got the better of him as he fainted, rolled down a small mound and suffered a grade 1 wardrobe malfunction before coming to rest on a boundary wall.

It was then that the drone revealed itself or rather himself. It was none other than Kerry dressed up as a drone who had landed unannounced to celebrate Halloween in the terror capital of the world - Pakistan. Khan's guards then rushed him to a nearby hospital where they moved him to the ICU or the Intensive Clowning Unit. He regained consciousness as soon as someone said Nawaz Sharief government had fallen. Though Khan had a few visible injuries to his body, his ego was badly damaged. He was not able to speak but, one could safely assume that he was terrorized beyond redemption.

Khan it seems was scared to death by the appearance of the drone. Khan has reasons to worry since he has been championing the cause of Taliban and other terrorist organisations for quite some time. Kerry was meanwhile evacuated by a special US Army chopper as the CIA felt there was a threat to his life. The Taliban has meanwhile announced a reward of 5 ‘fair’ donkeys to anyone bringing Kerry to them. US government refused to confirm or deny the event saying that we should contact Wikileaks for getting the truth.

Khan may head Taliban
Pakistani intelligence officials and Taliban commanders in the tribal belt have told Humor Unplugged that Imran Khan may well end up heading the leading Pakistani terror organisation. This development comes in wake of an American drone strike that killed the current leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Hakimullah Mehsud, on Friday.

For many in the Taliban, Khan is an ideal leader. “He(Imran Khan) is scared of the drones, speaks in hushed tones, doesn’t care about women’s rights, is ready to collaborate with all kinds of religious hardline nuts and best of all he also changes stance every few weeks. So he is one of us and he has been supporting us since his World Cup cricket days. I don’t see any reasons why he shouldn't be heading our outfit unless a drone gets him in its crosshairs before the swearing in ceremony,” a senior Taliban clown said. 


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