Shastrisms on India’s Mars Mission

Imagine Ravi Shastri giving a live commentary on India's Mars Mission. Well, thank god that didn't happen. But still, we have attempted to conjure up a scenario wherein the former Indian spinner spins a set of Shastrisms to cover what is arguably ISRO’s most proud moment yet. So over to India’s very own cliché man Ravi Shastri..

  • The weather is fantastic and ISRO scientists are all set for the agency’s maiden mars mission. The atmosphere here is electric. You can feel the tension in the air. It is almost as if you have missed an EMI payment on your credit card.  
  • First Moon and now Mars; missions are coming through thick and fast for the Indians
  • Tarmac report: It’s a dry tarmac with a bit of grass here and there.
    I wouldn’t call this tarmac 'juicy' but then, I don’t have a straw with me today. The tarmac is flat and launches will come aplenty.  
  • It’s a big day for ISRO and a big day for India
  • The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C25 (PSLV-C25) is playing the role of sheet anchor to perfection
  • There you go, news from the spaceport is that the countdown is going as planned
  • It’s a liftoff, sweetly timed, finds the gap between tropopause and mesosphere and ISRO gets off the mark straightaway
  • Up goes the finger.. PM Manmohan Singh is telling Home Minister Shinde that the rocket went up
  • The rocket left the spaceport like a tracer bullet and is racing away to the skies 
  • ISRO is off to a great start but they need to keep the momentum going a couple of asteroids could really hurt them now
  • The booster rockets are generating additional thrust now and that’s just what the doctor ordered 
  • Make no mistake about it..the Indians are serious about space exploration
  • ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan is a really cool customer and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is the type of guy who really loves his space
  • The crowds have taken over now and are cheering every single mile covered by India's Mars Mission 
  • ISRO needs to keep an eye out for that odd asteroid that keeps low
  • The entire mission will take 10 months which means this project will go down to the wire 
  • This mission will do ISRO’s confidence a world of good or er…a Mars of good..  


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