Egyptian museum claims Simi Garewal is a ‘runway mummy’

Humor Unplugged in Cairo.
The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities has through the Egyptian government asked India to return what it calls a runaway mummy that escaped from its territory 1000 years ago. The mummy according to our sources in the museum belongs to the state of Egypt and Cairo is trying hard ensure its return to the country of its origin.
Hatsheput Mummy (file pic)

Museum Director, Mohamed Abdel Hamid Shimy in an exclusive interaction with Humor Unplugged said “I first saw thisaa mumiiii on an Indian TV channel. After seeing, I saida to myself I know thisaa face and that white clothes it had draped on itself. I instantly recognized it as the mumiiii of de queen Hatshepsut. I can recognize that mummiiii anywhere and I immediately wrote a letter to the then President Morsi to take this matter up with the Indian government(SIC)”. The mummy being referred to here is none other than Indian botox nanny Simi Garewal.

The most prominent female pharaoh, Hatshepsut reigned over Egypt for roughly two decades, undertaking ambitious building projects and establishing valuable new trade routes until her death in 1458 B.C. The archaeologist Howard Carter discovered her royal tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1902. Shimy was however unable to tell us how the mummy sprung to life and made its journey to India.

Shimy told Humor Unplugged that he wanted the mummy to be returned to Egypt so that experts can renovate it. “Looka at how bada shape it iza in. The outer layer is peeling off and silverfish is eating away the outer protective cloth layer. The mummiii needs to be immediately attended to in order to make sure that she lives for another 1000 years and only we in Egypt have the capability to do it (SIC),” Shimy said.

We tried to reach Simi but she was unreachable. A maid at her residence claimed that Simi had applied ‘white cement’ and disappeared into her basement. She will only return next month, she said.


Aersh said…
oh dear god!! Mummy indeed!

And all tis while i wondered why is she all gaga over white!!
hahaha :D yeap...shes our local mummy allright...

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