Man blames mobile phone tower radiation for domestic tensions

The Sillichar High Court was besieged by a strange divorce case recently. A woman, a team lead in a software company in Bangalore, filed for divorce from her social media addicted hubby citing mental agony, emotional torture and lack of moral support as reasons. But instead of accepting or denying these charges, the man blamed the whole episode on radiations from a cell phone tower that had come up in the vicinity of their home, recently.

Towering problem?
“Before the tower came up, we were a happy couple. We used to even share a ice cream and update each other’s statues on Facebook every now and then. But once the tower came up, she changed and so did I. Everything stopped after that and we started quarrelling like MPs during the monsoon session. Besides my mother-in-law moved in with us and that pretty much was the straw that tickled the hyena into submission, your honor,” the man said while deposing before the judge.

The woman disagreed. “Your honor, my soon to be ex-husband is a social media addict. He is so much into social media that he flirts with our maid on Twitter and has created a Facebook account for every single plant in our garden. The last time I spoke to him was a year ago when he was down with fever and wanted me to update his status on Facebook. Since then whenever he wants to speak to me, he sends a DM on twitter and that’s bad and I will settle for nothing less than a divorce,” the woman said.  

After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge said “Hmm seems like a typical open and shut case”. Then turning to the man he said. “Dude, I and my wife used to fight like penguins during the 50s and 60s and those days we didn’t even have a landline within a radius of 50 kms; let alone having a radiating tower nearby. So what excuse could I have given for our fights? Please answer,” the judge said.

“Then your honor, you must have been living near a military radar establishment,” the man said without batting an eyelid. Even before he could finish, the entire courtroom burst into peels of laughter. Some even started rolling on the carpet laughing while a few others started thumping on the furniture. The judge collapsed on his desk and rolled down the elevated podium, laughing all the way.

When the court resumed the hearing, post lunch, a new and a more serious audience was brought in to witness the proceedings. The man stuck to his ground and said that if the couple were to move to a new location, the two would patch up without any delay. He also asked the judge to direct relevant Indian government bodies to investigate the issue and come up with apt solutions.  

The judge however was not ready to listen and said that while there was evidence to prove that mobile towers could cause cancer but, there was no evidence yet to prove that such towers could cause fights among couples. His verdict upheld the divorce request filed by the woman and asked the man to join a social media de-addiction center. “If you are cured, please let me know so that I can also join the de-addiction center,” the judge tweeted.


indu chhibber said…
Excellent,i love your sense of we should remove all towers near the parliament so that our MPs can get to work without fighting.
thanks a ton Indu and yea..thats indeed a good idea :))
Deepthi Rajan said…
Excellent article. Keep up the good work :)
Anonymous said…
Very well articulated :)))

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