RBI intervenes to stem Rupee free fall; ropes in actor Vidya Balan

Its official, Vidya Balan will help the Reserve Bank of India prop up the Rupee. A decision to this effect was taken at a high level meeting of RBI, Planning Commission and Finance ministry officials chaired by union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee in the national capital today.

Will Rupee gain some confidence?
Humor Unplugged has learnt that at the meeting, RBI moved a proposal to have actor Vidya Balan’s image in various poses on currency notes of higher denomination. The actor, who has apparently agreed to the proposal, will pose provocatively as she did for her last Bollywood flick, The Dirty Picture. These pics will then appear on 100, 500 and 1000 Rupee notes and the government will run a lucky draw through which people buying over a lakh worth of INR from currency markets will be asked to submit proof of purchase online and get an 8 digit code for participating in the draw.

“RBI has acted in national interest and we have intervened to stem further erosion of investor confidence in our economy. Vidyaji’s presence on currency notes will definitely boost their circulation and demand as we have determined from an internal survey. It will also make the Rupee stronger and the currency will climb back to its August 2011 rates in the short term and embrace INR 40 to the Dollar level over the next 90 days and we are absolutely confident about it,” an RBI spokesperson in Mumbai said.  

Strangely, the move received complete support from the opposition. Sources say that Advani initially threatened to go on another Rath Yatra or even go to Pakistan and praise Jinnah to register his protest against the move. But when he learnt that Vidya Balan would be involved, Advani backtracked and said “as the principal opposition party, BJP will extend whole hearted support to this move in national interest. Our currency needs all the support that it can get. Vidya Balan is a leading star and I will make sure that every support needed is given. I will in fact make myself free for the photo shoot. If needed I would request Sushma Swaraj to do a small jig to make the whole thing appear even cooler,” Advani.

Kapil Sibal meanwhile assured the government that he will personally monitor all social media sites to filter out any offensive remarks against the project.

We were unable to reach Vidya Balan for comment.


Leo Paw said…
Oh yes. Why didn't we think about it earlier? I have a strong feeling that we will overtake the dollar value with this intelligent move. Do we have to make the note a bit dirty?
haha :D yea leo paw..actually...Ms Balan has turned into a lucky charm for a few...why not take advantage of that and prop up the currency? What are waiting for????
Saru Singhal said…
Sushma ji doing a jig is my fantasy. And why would Advani ji protest...lol...

Send this post to Vidya Balan. It would be the best compliment ever...:)
:) thanks Saru :) Advaniji protested when he thought that RBI would hire your usual priyanka chopra types...but when he heard it was Vidya Balan...our uncle simply gave in without any protest ;))
Harish said…
haha, looks like we are gonna recover after all. May be people will start calling her the savior, after being titled the only king in b-town.
Yea Harish..lets see if the government will really involve her now ;) in fact after this piece was published INR gained 74 paise ;) sign of things to come...
Sujatha Sathya said…
how innovative! Vidya wouldn't mind it either :) & nor our men
:D Thanks Sujatha..yea in these testing times...this will be a welcome break indeed ;)))
Tia said…
i loved the last line about Sibal :D :D
:D he is doing it as we speak doo..as we speak ;))
muthiah sriram said…
lol!!very funny one!!especially the kapil sibal one!!
:D thanks buddy...Sibal deserves all the credit ;)

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