Pakistan gets world’s first D1 track

Exclusive state of the art track will help the nation hold high speed donkey races.

D1 driver with his vehicle
Pakistan on Friday became the proud owner of the world’s first donkey racing track. The state of the art track will soon host high speed donkey races involving animals and men drawn from across Pakistan.  In a press release issued late Saturday evening, Pakistan’s interior ministry claimed credit for building the 120 km long track and urged media and bloggers to come and visit the ‘engineering marvel’.

According to our sources, the track will be inaugurated by the country’s president Asif Ali Zardari on October 26 at a terrorist studded event involving current and former terror heavy weights such as Mullah Omar, Jamaat-ud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and others who don’t officially exist on Pakistani soil.

A D1 team testing the track
“This track bears testimony to our consistent efforts to integrate the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with rest of Pakistan. We have invested plenty of resources, time and goodwill in building this track and we will not rest until the fruits of our investment reach the common people after our honourable president deducts his customary 10 percent. We also acknowledge the extraordinary contributions made by Mia Dawood, Mia Sayeed and Mia Omar who have together contributed over 80 percent of the project cost,” said A Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s Interior Minister.

When Humor Unplugged visited Peshawar, we encountered excited crowds waiting for the big event. Many had come from various parts of Pakistan to partake in the first ever donkey grand prix or D1 as it is officially called. Government of Pakistan has given a 100 pc tax exemption to the event and has promised to launch a tourism promotion drive in the next two weeks.


Mishi said…
Lolz..em not going to miss that then! hahaha..nicely put up Bloggy:-)
Saru Singhal said…
Oh we are facing tough competition from our neighbors. What we are gonna do???
hey Mishu :)please do go and see for yourself in Peshawar...the track looks neat :) its all set for some heatstoppin action :D:)
:D Saru :) no worries yaa...our wise netas will think of somthing...esp if taxpayers money is at stake and they are not getting a stake:D
Nitin Jain said…
I think we can still manage to remain a step ahead by quickly inaugurating our own E1 tracks to race our might, dear great Indian Elephants :)
:D Hi Nitin...yea I guess we can do that in fact Bangalore can play host to this one :)))
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