Funny ads

From Indian Railways to Samsung...everyone is singing only one Here are a few ads used by companies seeking to hitch a ride on the brandwagon...


The question is asking is whoever came up with these ads???


Saru Singhal said…
Have you read what Farah Khan's husband tweeted about Ra. One? Btw I commented Ra. One comment on your previous post as well!
;D no Saruuu what did farah aunty say abt of my friends who saw the movie want a refund ;)))
Rahul Sharma said…
I doubt if he recovers the production cost of 150 crores (if it is true). To get "Hit" talk it should get at least twice the amount he spent on the movie i.e, 300 crores. Any way, that's just impossible.
Yea Rahul...they say that if your product is too high on marketing, it must be lackin in substance...and thats what happened cannot transform a dud into a stud..:)
Sujatha Sathya said…
hey why did u drag Akon into this?

the body odor thing & kareena fainting - super
:) Thanks Sujatha...this one is for folks who dont recognize Akon....:)))
Nadia Asif said…
ROFL!!! PJ, I am wondering if it's time for SRK to go bankrupt!!

P.S: I can't get over that super tacky poster of SRK carrying a lean helpless Kareena! Its ridiculously hilarious! :D :D

Great piece - as usual!
Thanks Nadia :) glad u liked it...:))) and welcome back to Humor Unplugged...(big bow welcome) :)))
Ana_treek said…
Hehehehheehhehehehehhehehehhehehehe :D :D :D

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