Jailed squirrel’s condition worsens, emergency cabinet meeting convened

The lone squirrel who attacked an internet landing cable in Mumbai a few days back and was subsequently arrested has been fasting for the last 2 days and his health has started deteriorating.

Kiki on fast
The squirrel identified only by his first name Kiki has refused to eat food or drink water till the government sets him free. Sources close to Kiki said that the squirrel has already tendered an unconditional apology and was willing to undertake 23 hours of community service as penance and there was no need to harass the tiny soul anymore. The Maharashtra assembly has already passed a unanimous resolution seeking clemency for the squirrely delinquent.

At the time of going to press, union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee and a few senior cabinet leaders were having a discussion on the case. Cabinet sources say that the government might pass a favourable verdict and Kiki might be free by 10 am tomorrow. Doctors attending to Kiki say that his BP had fallen and the squirrel had gone weak.

Kiki immediately after his arrest
Animal rights activist Fakenaka Gandhi launched a blistering attack on the government over the issue. “If it were a politician in Kiki’s place he would have been free by now and all this government has done so far is to ignore the issue. I haven’t even heard professional bull$*itters Digvijay and Manish speak on Kiki so far,” she said.

Recent US embassy cables accessed by Humor Unplugged shows that the US government has been tracking the story since it was published by your favourite blog a few days back.


sush said…
ohoho...enjoyed the post
Saru Singhal said…
Release KIKI or else another historical event will take place at Ramlila ground and I mean it. lol...
Thanks Sush :) and welcome to HU :)
Saruuuu :D yea yea this will be Anna 2.0 :)))
Sudha said…
Post eloping from home Kiki is after big things !! Before he used to just bite mouse (computer's), laptop chargers, etc.. Now ! the little soul is shutting down the nation's internet system!!! Very bad Kiki..

But as it has been rectified now, I hope they release him ... Save the poor little soul!
Yea poor thing didnt know what he wsa doing sue..but has apologized and is sorry about the whole thing...so lets put past behind and move on :)))
Saru Singhal said…
Ana 2.0 and she will not fast, she will eat MacD aalo tikki,Haldiram's channa batura and all the Indian sweets. There will be famine of sweets this festive season. Release KIKI or else celebrate festivals without sweets...lol
Anand said…
hahahahaaaa... I pity KIKI... If he is not released, H.U. should conduct a social media agitation and I will be there for sure :D
Saru :D:D woh darshni ka masala dosa would suffice :) wat do u say?? But anyway let me be more serious towards the cause :) yea yea they should release Kiki or be prepared for the consequences...i can forsee a dip in inflation soon :)
Sure Anand we are counting on your support buddy :)))
Tia said…
good post :)...kiki was the one sudha had ryt ?
Yeap doo Kiki is sue's squirrel allright :)

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