Desperate Advani requests PM to arrest him

All kinds of jokers want to be arrested these days.

Humor Unplugged has obtained copy of a letter allegedly written by BJP patriarch L K Advani to PM Manmohan Singh asking the latter to arrest him.

The alleged letter
In the letter, Advani claims to have stolen cheekus from PM’s 7 RCR garden. He goes on to say that the fruits are currently in his possession and urges the PM to arrest him for the act. BJP sources say that ever since Anna Hazare turned into a mass leader after his arrest, the BJP’s PM in waiting has been waiting to replicate Anna’s success. “He (Advani) has been running from pillar to post to get himself arrested and last week he even threated to go on a Rath Yatra unless the government arrests him,” a not so senior BJP leader said.

The Nana act
But did the Advani actually steal cheekus? Yes, the leader said. “Advaniji went to 7RCR last week for a party and when the security guys were busy managing the PM’s security detail, he slipped out, stole the cheekus and came back without being noticed. He hid the fruits in a copy of BJP’s 2009 manifesto and to divert attention from the book, he entertained the gathering by aping none other than actor anti-malaria activist Nana Patekar. I thought he was stealing the cheekus since he liked them but I didn’t know he would use them as pawns in his evil game,” the not so senior leader added.


Anand said…
hahahahaaa LOL... He is indeed desperate to become the next PM!!
:)) yea buddy...this one has been the PM in waiting since I dont know when ;)
Hemant said…
I am sure his dream remains dream....not d dream of getting arrested..but the dream of becoming
hahah loL you said it buddy :) when will this guy get the message...
Saru Singhal said…
lol...Atleast kuch valuable toh chori karte. Itne desperation aache nahi hai Advani
indeed a very cheeky affair :) Advani is getting more desperate by the day :))

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