Bangalore will name potholes after politicians, promote pothole tourism

In a landmark move, Karnataka government has decided to name potholes after political leaders.

It had to happen one day but we didn’t know it would happen so soon. At a high level meeting in the Vidhan Soudha today, the state cabinet unanimously agreed to a proposal to name potholes on Bangalore roads after state politicians. It was also decided to have a separate department to deal with upkeep of potholes and other killers such as speed breakers in the city.

One of the smaller potholes
in Bangalore
“We have decided to name these engineering marvels after various leaders. On Sunday, our CM will inaugurate a pothole named after former CM Yeddyurappa right in front of the Vidhan Soudha. This pothole is a unique one with a very unique design and you have to go through it to enter the building and we will ensure that every vehicle including two wheelers pass through it so that they remember the wonderful leadership we have in the state,” a senior minister said.  

The minister also urged us to drive across the city to get a feel of the new potholes that have been added as part of the state’s XIth plan. Karnataka has set aside a sum of INR 43 crores to ensure these potholes are maintained well and are available for causing public inconvenience and rainwater harvesting at all times.

Meanwhile a tussle has broken among various political parties for christening potholes after their leaders. Devil Gowda’s party the Janata Dull (S) has threatened to go on a hunger strike unless a huge pothole in M G Road is named after Devil Gowda. "We will decide on a naming convention soon to avoid clashes and bring in clarity. The stature of the minister should be directly proportional to the stature of the minister, in addition to the pain he or she or the pothole causes. We are also considering naming potholes located in close vicinity to each other after the girlfriends and/or wives of senior politicians," the senior minister said.  

Tourism potential
“An internal committee has found that there is tremendous tourism potential that these potholes hold. People across the world have heard about Bangalore’s famous potholes and want to come, see and experience these for themselves and the state government will soon be promoting pothole tourism through a pilot project in Bangalore,” Sreehari M N transport advisor to Karnataka government said. Sreehari’s posh bungalow according to sources is located in a 60X40 pothole in a posh parts of Bangalore.

The state government has also decided to increase the height of all speed breakers in the state by 2 mts.


Krishnan Bala said…
You may also consider the black holes that can accomodate the notorious Naidu family with their fur caps in Shivaji Nagar area. Katta feels that for Bangaloreans "Out of sight- Out of mind" is not only a proverb but a practical tool they employ when the old patriots get caught ! That is not fair !
quite true buddy...the state desperately needs visionary leadership...
Saru Singhal said…
Honestly, I think it's a very intelligent move. Atleast, we can make few mollahs, which can recover what we lost in the share market blood
:D Saru :) you are still angry with ambanis i can see...may the government can operate these potholes in a PPP manner and transfer a few to cos like reliance... ;)
Mishi said…
Hey Bloggy..I want your Cute Little Spy Dog to do its next piece about CONTROVERSIALLY YOURS! yeah do send him to find out whats behind These controversial Statements ..what bothered shoaib Akhtar that much;p
all righthy Mishi that will be the doggi's next mission :) hope you dont mind hosting him for the duration of the investigation :))))
Mishi said…
not at all! I will be much delighted :-)
Ana_treek said…
lol..Wow! Awesome idea, I guess the govt will actually consider doing this if they stumble upon your blog :)
Thanks Ana :D yea you never know ;)
Pothole tourism....that was so crisp, funny.What else is happening to my home town ??
Thanks buddy :) nothing new to report i must say for now...will keep you posted :)
kavana said…
Hi, I stumbled upon this post and your blog and I loved it! I've linked to this post from my post. Hope to read a lot more of your posts, Cheers!
Thanks Kavana, glad you stumbled :) thanks for the wonderful checkin out your blog now...:) tk care

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