Man files habeas corpus petition in court; wants to know who is hiding the Indian Vice President

In an interesting development, a Bangalore resident has filed a habeas corpus petition in a local court requesting it to direct the Indian government to produce Vice President Hamid Ansari. The petition was filed on Friday and the petitioner has sought to remain anonymous as he felt that his life could be in danger for making such a request.

“We haven’t seen the Veep for quite some time and I am not sure if everything is fine with him. I have heard of rumours that they have hidden him somewhere since he knew too much about some of the scams that UPA was involved in. I have also gone and visited the personal blog of our president and her Facebook profile both of which have not been updated since last May. Ansari was supposed to do all this and he hasn't been doing it. In addition, we have been skipping many low key international events such as when the pet Chihuahua belonging to Bolivian prime minister gave birth to three healthy puppies. Typically, the Veep attends these events and I have known through a RTI petition that no one from India attended the ceremony or even sent a congratulatory note,” the petitioner told Humor Unplugged over an off the record Skype chat.

The petitioner also told us that he has set up a Facebook community to bring VP back. "I have learnt that our president Smt Prathibha Patil has received a Google+ invite that hasn't been accepted yet. If our VP was around, our president would have had a Google+ account by now. How many such occasions will we ignore before we wake up," the petitioner asked.

Humor Unplugged tried reaching the Veep’s office but we couldn’t get through. A mail sent to his official email ID was redirected to a junior babu in Home ministry who told us “Shabjii abhi biji hain (boss is tied up).”

The Indian Vice President was last seen
at a Rappers convention in Miami


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