Reccesion blues: India decides to fire its Vice President

In a move designed to “rationalize expenditure”, India has started downsizing the government and removing the “expendable workforce”. The first to get the boot was Vice President Hamid Ansari who was given the pink slip yesterday.

According to sources as reliable as Ajmal Kasab, when Hamid logged into his workstation on Friday, he received a system notice saying that his login has been disabled and he was to contact the station HR to collect his dues and experience certificate. Ansari was however not amused. “I am not happy with the way they have targeted my chair. I mean I agree that I was not the busiest person around, but they could have always removed the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha,” he said.

Ansari’s official duties such as attending state funerals and updating the president’s facebook account will now be executed by the parliamentary affairs minister.


deekay said…
there r many other deserving candidates (read mp/mla's) who too deserve pink wud have been gr8 if mp/mla's had some performance appraisal system in place, and only those ones performing wud get the perks and benefits of the post
Prayukth said…
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Maan said…
if you used the criteria mentioned above, you would fire almost the entire government for incompetence, nepotism, corruption, neglect or sheer criminal stupidity. why target a single position?
Prayukth said…
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Nish said…
government is just a reflection of us i.e we r a part and parcel of it. I dont agree with Maan. If anybody wants to complain they should better go and change the law or just sit in a corner of a luxurious home and enjoy the mess

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