Vice President spotted on national television

Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari made a rare appearance on national television today, bringing much cheer to VP watchers across the nation. His appearance was registered by sensors placed by the Vice President Monitoring Association of India (VPMAI) on television screens across the nation. The sighting was later confirmed by the National Celebrity Sighting Agency (NACSA). 

“This is indeed a rare moment in the wildlife history of our country. We have sighted a rare member of the species biologically called as Vicepresidentis Indica. The sighting was made at 11.00 hrs today and we have had a positive ID on the organism. The appearance was for a brief period during the debate on the Women's reservation bill in Rajya Sabha, before it was attacked by members of another species. The animal withdrew into a shell immediately and disappeared. All efforts to trace the animal after that came to a naught and we returned from parliament with long faces,” VPMAI principal investigator   Dr. Hammerschmidst said.

So far, the sightings of Hamid Ansari have been restricted to a few media encounters in a limited geographical area. Political scientists have often questioned the existence of Vicepresidentis Indica with some going to the extent of calling the organism as part of 'glorified folklore'. VPMAI was set up by a group of former venture capitalists in 2008 to prove the existence of this rare animal and put all speculations and rumors to rest.

A disappointed Hammerschmidst has vowed to continue the search for the elusive animal and ultimately prove its existence. "Water was always there on the moon; but its existence was confirmed only a few days back. We are also hoping to confirm the existence of a vice president in India one day and that's what keeps us motivated," the renowned paleozoologist said.


Suryanshu said…
It's strange, when so much of the taxpayers' money is spent in feeding, driving, clothing, flying, and entertaining this rare species, that we hardly get a glimpse of the animal.
Very entertaining post! Keep it up.
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