Google+ is not Orkut cries Google

Vic Gundotra, Google's senior vice president, engineering broke down at a Google press conference in Mountain View recently when a few geeky reporters questioned the techie over fears of Google+ turning into a revamped version of Orkut.

“I feel that Google+ is nothing but an Orkut spinoff. I have checked the source codes for both and the resemblance is uncanny. How do you explain that Mr. Gundotra”? This was the 36th question a reporter posed to Vic, who broke down immediately and had to be consoled with a $36 million bonus by Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt who was sitting beside him. It seems like the senior Google techie didn’t want any comparisons with Orkut to emerge during the press conference.    

Putting up a brave face, Vic said “It’s not Orkut. It does not look like Orkut, sound like Orkut or even feel like Orkut. Most of the people who have worked on it have not even heard of Orkut. All of them are in committed relationships and do not wish to search for their ex on our new online social platform. We wanted to make a fresh start and we did exactly that”.
Meanwhile fears of Google+ being a refurbished version of Orkut came true when many users reported receiving invites from unknown people. “Some guy called Gadaffi sent me an invite asking me to invest in an oil well in Libya. That was seriously spooky,” one Madrid based user said.

Union textiles minister Dayanidhi Maran dashed off a letter to Google asking for 323 invites for him and his family. Oh, and by the way, China has already banned Google+

Google+ in its Facebook avtar, post customization


Tia said…
China bans everything good!
Totally doo..totally

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