Back off China - stop your aggression in the South China sea

An open letter of support to our friends in Vietnam fighting Chinese aggression.

Dear Vietnamese friends,
We have read how China has been bulling your country over your territory during the last few weeks.  We have also heard how the cowardly bully unleashed its army of hackers and defaced many of your websites. All these are signs of an immature and insecure bully out to project its hegemony in its neighborhood.  

This letter is written on behalf of the people of India and we intend to tell you that every Indian is with you in this fight. We will lend you every support you need to fight the regional pain-China.

There is something about China that makes many Asian nations loathe her. For one, China doesn't believe in peaceful resolution of concerns and indulges in all forms of territorial aggression against peaceful nations. We here in India have been at the receiving end of this dictatorial hegemon’s belligerent lunacy since our independence. Despite our best intentions – even to the extent of supporting China’s quest for a permanent seat in UN Security Council way back in the 50s, China repaid us with a war, arming terrorists acting against our nation and by illegally occupying our territory (Tibet).

China, has often behaved like an insecure bully out to steal someone’s lunch. By raising a zombie army and brutally supressing freedom movements in Inner Mongolia and other provinces China is everything that a model emerging superpower shouldn’t be. She is also supporting several dictatorial regimes that indulge in the worst form of human rights abuse in Africa for economic reasons.

China continues to bully its neighbors to this day. Over the last few weeks she has been threatening your country with ‘dire consequences’ over Paracel and Spratly Islands which were a part of Vietnamese territory since time immemorial. We here at Humor Unplugged have taken on China on many occasions and given it right back to the commie clowns. Today, we extend our whole hearted support to you. Don’t be cowed down by the cowardly saber rattling of the regimented, democratically challenged Asian bully. You are on the right side of history and we know you will win this cold war. No one can snatch your territory from you.

One behalf of the people of India we wish you all the best in your fight against China. You have shown the willingness, courage and determination to stand up to a nation that only has evil intentions towards her neighbours and her own people. We salute you.  

May those casting an evil eye on your territory be silenced forever. God bless Vietnam and may the best happen to you.

Anti-China protests in Vietnam

We wont take this lying down


MIKI said…
China- A country who never won war in its history before 1962. Built mighty wall as ,"Great Wall of China" to stop aggressors who continually defeated chienese coming from Russia or Mongolia.
Dont bully Vetnam, a kind request, before that come on : lets go one on one with us ,"India"- Worlds oldest civilisation 2.5 crore years old MIGHTY ARYANS

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