Chinese at it again

The commies Chinese are at again. Dismantling our bunkers, preventing the construction of roads near the border and issuing demarches to Indian companies. Rajcreep catches up with General Yukk Thoo Chee Chief of the Peoples Liberation Army of China to find out what is happening.

Rajcreep: now what is the problem? Your army is holding joint exercises with the Indian Army and you guys are targeting our infrastructure here. What’s the logic may I ask?

YTC: there’s absolutely no logic here. We go by what our bosses in Beijing tell us to do. If you have any problems with that I cannot help. Besides, we Chinese have this constant need to rub someone the wrong way. Most often we do it to our own people through detention camps and slave labour but every now and then we get tired of harassing our own people so we try it out on our neighbors.

Rajcreep: you guys are big bullies. China is recognized as a country that wishes to dominate the region and suppress the aspirations of its citizens. Aren’t you ashamed of doing such things to your own people?

YTC: first of all thanks for the complement. It is indeed nice to be called bullies. See we have a different take on things. First of all we don’t believe in democracy and want all countries also to follow us and be ruled by despotic, nepotic, narcissistic Frankensteins who treat people as use and throw protoplasm.

Rajcreep: your embassy has issued a verbal demarche to ONGC for continuing oil exploration activities in the South China Sea. What’s your problem? You can carry out your oil search anywhere and when India does it, you act irritated.

YTC: That is disputed territory. We cannot allow any drilling and all there.

Rajcreep: excuse me. For china, every neighboring territory is disputed be it Arunachal, Bhutan and Nepal border, etc etc.

YTC: yes that is quite true. We believe in disputes and actively support subversive means to achieve our goal which is to grab as much territory as possible. In fact the chair you are sitting on is also disputed..(tries to laugh, but fails).

Rajcreep: China is fast becoming a threat to regional peace and stability. Any comments?

YTC: yes and we are proud of that. We would like to spread our hegemony and totalitarianism around the world. If anyone has a problem with that we will squish him.

Rajcreep: What about the human rights abuses in Tibet, a country under illegal occupation by China?

YTC: we are very prickly as far as Tibet is concerned and I would advice you not to raise this issue or else we would treat you the way we treat journalists here.

Rajcreep: and way might that be?

YTC: we simply send them to slave labour mines in our northern provinces if they are lucky. Else, such journalists just disappear. You see we have devised ingenious ways to deal with our increasing population problem.

Rajcreep: someday, not just Asia, even the world and the people of China will join hands to throw the imperialistic jurassic minded monsters who are ruling over China...then what will you do?

YTC" flaterry will get you now where Mr Rajcreep...and besides we will cross the bridge when we get there..


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