Osama cloud appears after his death

This cloud resembling Osama's turban appeared in Islamabad hours after Osama was gunned down in Abbotabad prompting people to gather and speculate.  Humor Unplugged's Islamabad correspondent (not named here due to security reasons) was at the scene of the event and tells us that it was nothing, but a striking, stacked lenticular cloud (Altocumulus lenticularis). Even though it may be windy aloft and at the surface as well, as it was on this day, lenticular clouds can appear almost motionless with respect to the terrain since they form at waves crests in stationary air currents. Because sufficient moisture was available and the airflow was strong, this wave consisted of layers of lenticulars stacked on top of each other (As confirmed by our in-house nephologist Dr. Hammerschmidst). People however were not ready to believe this explanation and chose to believe that Osama had indeed come back as a cloud. A few others on the outskirts of Islamabad said they even saw a cloud resembling Osama's first wife and even his donkey. 


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