Mullahs condemn Humor Unplugged, support Barkha

A group of moth-eaten Precambrian mullahs operating under the aegis of Mullahs Association of Pakistan (MAP) has attacked India’s favorite blog Humor Unplugged for allegedly making uncharitable remarks against journalist Barkha Dutt. MAP has also asked Humor Unplugged to issue an unconditional apology to the queen of Indian mediadom at the earliest.
“We are urging Humor Unplugged to desist from making any further remarks on the blessed pen-wielding warrior Barkha Dutt. This will be our final warning, before we issue a comprehensive hard copy fatwa against these rat-tongued bloggers. Noone should take our patience for granted,” MAP spokesperson Mullah Gomar said.
Humor Unplugged has been informed by sources that MAP has opened communication channels with the Pakistani government to urge them to allow Barkha to travel to Pakistan to cover the post-Bin Laden scene there (since Indian journos are banned from traveling to Pakistan). MAP members recently sat on a dawn-to-dusk protest outside the home of Pakistani PM Geelani, who noticed them when he came to pick his pokemon pajama that he had put for drying on his terrace. Fearing the worst (that these mullahs had come to steal his pajamas), Geelani ran back and hid his pajama behind a portrait of Musharaf. He was later briefed by an ISI agent on the development.   
A relieved Geelani assured MAP members that he will look into the problem and issue a favorable guidance soon.  

Barkha Dutt supporters in MAP protest against Humor Unplugged in Islamabad 


Gautam said…
Hilarious :) Enjoyed reading your post.

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