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Barkha Dutt angry with Hosni Mubarak supporters

Live and direct from Cairo: NDTV journalist and all round news aunty Barkha Dutt has lodged a strong protest with the Egyptian government over the latter’s decision not to arrest or threaten her. Bharkha, who is reporting on the crisis in Egypt from Cairo, was among the few journalists left unharmed by President Hosni Mubarak supporters, policemen and army soldiers.

It may be recalled that journos from CNN, ABC, Times Now and CNN IBN were arrested or detained by folks from the Egyptian government. This made Barkha see red as she was expecting an arrest and/or detention to score some brownie points among her fraternity back home. Barkha’s stock in India has been on a freefall since the last three years following among others an incident where she got a tiny small time blogger to shutdown his blog over some uncharitable comments he had made on the self proclaimed queen of Indian newsdom.

Barkha wanted to use the episode to her advantage to put her so called popularity back on track. But not only did the Egyptian government goons leave her alone, but they also treated her with much respect as if she was one of them. An angry Barkha rushed to the makeshift office of the Mubarak Goons Association and demanded an immediate arrest\detention or even a reprimand from the forces loyal to Mubarak. But the goons were in no mood to do anything like that.

What she got was something that caught Barkha off guard. The goons served her tea and breakfast and even gave her a sturdy horse to take her around Cairo. Grandpa Pranoy Roy has meanwhile condemned the incident and refused to dye his beard for three days in protest.
It seems like Hosni Mubarak’s forces had done their homework on our very own journalist terrible.


Ravinar said…
LOL! Nice one !

I found this piece interesting and am carrying a part of it on my site, with due credit. If you have objections I will take it down.

Ravinar said…
LOL! Nice one !

I found this piece interesting and am carrying a part of it on my site, with due credit. If you have objections I will take it down.

magiceye said…
this is genuine honest reporting from ground zero!!

indeed she is so much of herself all the time!
Thanks a ton folks...please feel free to use the piece with due credit to the site...:)
Anonymous said…
I just loved the Grandpa bit - went into a huge fit! That's exactly what he is to her - an old , overindulgent grandpa.
hahah :D thanks buddy ;)

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