Arnab Goswami’s kid goes on strike, Newshour faces lockout

In a shocking development Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami’s 8 year old son Pappu Goswami has gone on an indefinite strike since Friday evening, according to a news report. The New Delhi datelined report issued by a wire agency claims that Pappu has asked his father to tender an unconditional apology to his mother, if Arnab wanted to get things back to normal.

So who exactly is Pappu Goswami? He is the tiny tot who writes those eloquent essays that Arnab blurts out every weeknight at 9 at the start of his show. He grabbed headlines as a close friend of the Goswamis leaked out the well guarded secret in the aftermath of 26-11. Pappu was indeed behind those long speechs(essays) and used to write them after coming home from school and finishing his homework. Arnab has neither denied nor discounted these reports since then.

“It was a burden on me. I had to let the truth out. I had seen the kid (Pappu) writing those long essays with ease and handing them over to Arnab for a Bourneville. I simply couldn't live with the fact that I was letting all this happen. I could only sleep peacefully once I had disclosed the truth. Ofcourse I had to forgo my friendship with Arnab after the incident and he even sent a detailed questionnaire containing 26 questions for me and in the footer there was a line which said ‘the nation wants to know’. I just ignored the letter and moved away from Arnab’s neighbourhood,” Khemkhaeng Mongkut (the close friend who revealed the secret...we have changed his name to protect his identity) said.

Pappu's spokesperson says that he was upset with the way his father was treating his mom. “One day, Pappu came home and saw Arnab writing down 33 questions and posing them to his mother while adjusting his glasses. Arnab was apparently angry that Mrs. Arnab had cooked dal and chappati for lunch and Arnab was having chappati for the third day in a row, which made him lose his temper. Arnab was repeatedly asking his wife – the nation needs to know what’s going on, Mrs. Goswami and you cannot ignore these questions and this made Pappu uncomfortable. He had seen his father getting angry more often than needed and wanted to convey a message to Arnab and that’s why Pappu has decided not to write any more essays till his father behaves and issues an apology,” Pappu’s spokesperson said.

Other sources claim that the strike was orchestrated by Arnab’s rival Barkha Dutt. These sources claim that Arnab had intensified his attack on Bhakha and was giving more coverage to her role in 2G scam in the last few episodes of Newshour. When Humor Unplugged questioned Bharkha on the incident, she threatened to have Humor Unplugged shut down 'in the next 2 hours'.

Meanwhile Times Now is contemplating shutting down Newshour till the matter is sorted out amicably. Arnab Goswami could not be reached for comment.

Arnab questioning Bharkha Dutt on the strike

Arnab with Mrs Arnab (file pic)


UB said…
Haha..hilarious post. Arnab does get a bit too aggressive at times. Hahaha..loved the Mrs. Goswami and you cannot ignore these questions part! And yes he does adjust his glasses But he does present a good show no doubt. Can't ignore that can you?
Hey thanks Sana, Arnab does host a very engaging show there are no two ways on that one...this piece is just to tell him to cut short that essay that he reads out every weeknite @ 9...lets cut the speech short and get to action right away..;) thanks for dropping by and sharing ur just checking out ur blog rite now...;)
Considering what Arnab blurts out it would need not one but at least 10 Pappu's to pen that. Maybe the other 9 are illegitimate so never came out.

Nice imagination BTW.
thanks buddy :D 10 pappus :)) that would probably be equal to one manish tiwari :))
Tejashri Chavan said…
hahaaa. Such great sense of humour! Was awfully bored today surfing internet and then somehow I landed on your blog. Brother believe me I started laughing hysterically after reading this one. :D I too watch newshour everyday and enjoy it as well. I too observe these nuances but never could really express it not having the wits to do it. :D :P I like it. ;)
Thanks Tejashri...thanks a ton for the lovely comment...its people like you who make it a point to share their thoughts who inspire me...those words mean a take care and may god give you more reason to smile and stay that way in the future too :):)
Arnab is great . I hope news hour on times now will continue forever.

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Annie said…
Lol. Arnab loves being a drama queen. I'm glad I found your blog =)
Hey thanks Annie :))
shakspace said…
Shakspace says:
So much of creative writing flowing from your fingertips & look at Mr Modest telling me its a simple blog.:)
I enjoyed this & all related stories you've written.
Good luck & thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious! Enjoyed reading this and all related stories. I too got some ideas. Good luck & thanks.
@shaks...thanks a tonn :D god bless you too :)
Ashwini C N said…
I like anything that pulls Arnab's legs. He does adjust his glasses every now and then. Too good :-)
Anonymous said…
Hii .. Here's a slight correction in the first paragraph of this post.The word "that" has been repeated twice in the following sentence- The New Delhi datelined report issued by a wire agency claims "that that" Pappu has asked his father to tender an unconditional apology to his mother, if Arnab wanted to get things back to normal.
Anonymous said…
Ops! I read it in another way.That sentence makes sense but it would have been even better. :D :P
:) Thanks Pavitra, have fixed 'that' :)
wonderful you have made my day as sweet and beguiling as arnav himself

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