Pak readies Now-Do Gyarah missile

After the failure of Hatf IX, Pakistani ‘scientists’ have started working overtime to get a local repainted version of North Korea’s No dong 11 missile ready. Sources in GHQ in Karachi have told your favorite blog that the project to repaint and launch the ‘No-Do XI’ missile has been put on a fast track on orders from the Pakistani army.

“Yes it’s true the No-Do XI fire and run missile or the Now-Do Gyarah (local name) missile is a priority for us. This missile was ordered as part of a 15 year deal we had signed with missile suppliers North Korea in 1999. The time has now come to get this missile ready,” a rather subdued Director General of the Strategic Plans Division Khalid Ahmed Kidwai told media persons in Karachi.

The No-Do XI missile has an interesting history. The project was first conceived in 1999 by Pakistani army after the Indian Army was getting ready to cross the LoC and capture Pakistani territory. A worried and panic stricken Pakistani army top brass immediately asked North Korea to supply a missile that will create a smoke screen in certain parts of the border (where Indian Army would have mounted its offensive) and give its defence and political top brass enough time to escape by flight to Saudi Arabia. North Korea started work on the missile in the year 2000 and promised to deliver a version by 2003. The project was however plagued by budget overruns and technology setbacks that delayed its completion.

In 2008, post 26-11, the Pakistani army started shivering again after hearing about Indian Army’s Cold Start doctrine. Islamabad then put extreme pressure on Pyongyang to deliver the missiles early. However, the missile only came in by April 2011 along with No-Dong 3 (repainted by Pakistani ‘scientists as Hatf IX’). The missile was assembled in Karachi and is currently being repainted in Bahawalpur.  

Once launched, No-Do XI splits into sub missiles and each one travels in a different direction. On impact, each sub missile creates a smoke screen that reduces visibility to 1 meter and prevents enemy troop movement. Pakistan intends to order and repaint over 100 such missile and deploy them across the International Border and the Line of Control.

“When a war breaks out, there will be no one to support us. China will look the other way and US will act as though there is a huge sea occupying the space between India, Afghanistan and Iran. Besides when you look at the competency of our army, you need to deploy these missiles without at delay,” Kidwai said.

No-Do XI test in progress in North Korea


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