Suresh Kalmadi welcomes CBI officials

CBI officials who carried out a raid on CWG Goon Suresh Kalmadi’s house early morning today were in for a nasty surprise. As and when the team raided his residence, the commonwealth joker was at the gates to receive them. He had even laid out a lavish breakfast spread for the raiding team.

Sources at Kalmadi’s New Delhi residence told Humor Unplugged that not only did Kalmadi know about the raid, but he also knew about the food preferences of each member of the team. “As and when the team arrived Kalmadi took them around and showed them places where he had hidden incriminating documents and money (nothing was there now) in the past including the false bottom in one of the wells. Throughout the raid he was in good spirits and even joked saying he was expecting the team in September this year,” a source said. Kalmadi asked the team to visit as often as they can and even invited them to his Pune New Year bash, the source added.

The CBI team returned empty handed to its office.      

Kalmadi seen waiting for the CBI raid today morning

The breakfast spread that awaited CBI officials at Kalmadi's residence'


joe said…
he s displaying te loser sign on his forehead (literally)
Either that or he is trying hard to remember that he has dementia ;)))

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