If I was around, Australia would have won in Mohali: Steve Bucknor

Umpiring clown and overall joker Steve Bucknor feels that Australia could have won the nail biting Mohali test, if he was the umpire. In an exclusive chat with Humor Unplugged from his posh villa in Sydney, the umpiring frog claimed that he would have made a big difference to the fortunes of his favorite team if he was still officiating.

“I would have made half the Indian side walk back to the pavilion within 20 runs in both the innings and would have made atleast 3 Aussie batsmen score centuries. ICC would have backed me up and we could have hushed the whole thing behind a veil of Aussie cricket supremacy. I should have been the umpire for this series,” Bucknor said.

 Claiming that the Aussies were his favorite side Bucknor said “they have always paid me on time. The money comes to my account even before the match ends in a victory for them. In fact, on many occasions Ricky (Ponting) used to walk up to me and say I should be the man of the match for my unsurpassed contribution. He is one guy who understands the value of my contribution and never questioned my commitment to helping Australia holding on to the number one position in all forms of the game”.

Bucknor also said that the downfall of Australian team was directly linked to his retirement. So what has he been upto post retirement? Bucknor is planning to open a ‘bad umpiring’ academy for all aspiring Bucknors out there. “This academy will raise and nurture the next generation of Bucknors who will help Australia become the number one test team in the future,” Bucknor said sipping coffee from a mug gifted to him by Ricky after he essayed a series of howlers to help Australia win a crucial test against India  down under.


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