Cash for drama rocks parliament – Maxim copies discovered in Lok Sabha

The cash for drama scandal rocked parliament today. Utter confusion and chaos prevailed as Opposition and government accused each other of bringing disrepute to the august house. 

Quoting the Humor Unplugged expose, CPM member Buddadebt Dutta said “this report published by Humor Unplugged has indeed pained us. The country views members of parliament as honest and upright people who could never even come within sniffing distance of an evil deed. We have a huge role to play in inspiring the country to always thread the path of righteousness”. No sooner had he said this, members of the opposition rushed to the well of the house and started thrashing the speaker. Apparently, some members had alleged that the speaker was the kingpin of the scam. The 76-year old speaker, one of the youngest members of parliament, had to be rushed to AIIMS after suffering multiple injuries due to the mindless thrashing.

Another member this time from the Bogus Samaj Party (BSP) urged fellow members to follow the example set by his leader Mayawati. “Our honorable leader only accepts cash garlands and this is one of the measures BSP has adopted to prevent corruption and nepotism in the party. Every party should do this from now on,” he said.

India’s very own Rip Van Winkle Deve Gowda, who was unable to sleep peacefully due to the racket, came down heavily on Humor Unplugged. “During my PM days, there were no bloggers and we had done everything we could to scuttle the growth of internet. But just have a look now all kinds of weirdoes are blogging and creating a problem for us parliamentarians,” he said before dozing off.

Meanwhile, the government has formed a delegation of parliamentarians to go on a 12-nation junket to study how other nations are managing similar exposes.

Maxim copies found
In an even more shocking incident, parliamentary security guards along with a dog squad on a routine patrol stumbled upon a huge cache of Maxim magazines hidden underneath the carpet below the last row of Lok Sabha. The cache contained the last few editions of Maxim and was neatly hidden between the folds of the carpet.

The government has ordered a CBI enquiry into the episode. “This place was supposed to be secure and morally sanitized. But now it seems that many members are breaching the unwritten moral laws of the house and this is indeed a cause for concern. Gone are the days when we used to smuggle copies of the communist manifesto. It’s all due to these new 70 year olds who joined last year. Many of these youngsters still think they are in college or rehab,” a relatively older member of parliament told Humor Unplugged.

The dogie who helped uncover the magazine cache


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