Now Bhais want OBC tag...

A group of influential gangsters representing the interests of goons across the nation has urged the Indian government to accord an Other Backward Class (OBC) status to their community. The group calling themselves the Beloved Hoodlums Association of India (BHAI), has asked the government to move a bill to this effect in parliament at the earliest.

“Since the days of the earliest Bhai Dr. Ravan from what is now Sri Lanka, Bhais have been discriminated against and had to endure all forms of social injustice. We have never been able to rise and enjoy the fruits of freedom like our fellow citizens, since we have been oppressed for ages and all this inspite of the fact that we have our own language and culture,” bemoaned group spokesperson Pappu Yadav in an exclusive interview to Humor Unplugged.
The group claims that the government has been consistently neglecting the welfare of Bhais in the country. “Last year during recession, we were facing a huge financial crisis. Under recoveries were high and the list of folks defaulting on Hafta had touched an all time high of 72 percent. We had asked the then finance minister to extend a stimulus package including softening of anti money laundering rules to facilitate Hawala to fund legitimate trade and release Bhais arrested on petty charges like driving the wrong way on a one way.  Instead of listening to us, the government decided to treat us as a law and order problem and arrested many of our board members and that had a negative impact on investor confidence and attracting funding from venture capitalists became impossible,” Pappu said.  

BHAI has also given a memorandum to finance minister Pranab Mukherjee to give special sops to the members of his community to hasten the process of their integration into the national mainstream. Pappu claimed that the population of Bhais in the country was going down as many were turning towards politics to ensure a better future. In such a situation, those of us who have stayed on as pure Bhais should be motivated to maintain status quo in the greater interest of the nation,” he said. BHAI has received a letter of support from another body called the Goons Association of India (GAI) for this.


Apple said…
So what did FM have for these BHAIs in teh budget??
Great Subsidies??

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