Now goons want a classical tag...

A group of influential gangsters representing the interests of goons across the nation has requested the Indian government to accord Classical status to their ‘Tapoori’ language. The group calling themselves the Beloved Hoodlums Association of India (BHAI) met union culture minister Ambika Soni and urged her to consider their request seriously and give the tag at the earliest.

“The Bhai language is one of the oldest in the country. It was spoken by the first bhai of the nation Mr. Ravan and has since been modified by generations of goons who have enriched the language with their literary skills and linguistic passion,” claimed BHAI spokesperson Pappu Chikna in an interview with the Borivili Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) today. Pappu was extremely vocal in his demand and asked the centre to look at the antiquity of the language, the richness of the dialect and the passion with which it is spoken in various parts of the country. Pappu felt that the tag would attract more funding for carrying out new research activities to develop the language.

The move apparently has the blessings of goons from within and outside the country. In an exclusive chat with this blogger, criminal and super goon Dawood Ibrahim offered his unconditional support to the idea. “We have all been using the language since ages and I don’t see any reason why the tag should not be given in India and even Pakistan. I am actually asking the Pakistani government to make it the official language of this country,” Dawood said.

The minister meanwhile said that her ministry would look into the whole issue and conduct a due diligence before arriving at a conclusion. “There’s nothing to worry; if the language doesn’t qualify for this tag, we will use the 5000 other tags we have or create a new one to cater to their need”, Ambika said.

BHAI members are meanwhile all gung-ho about the whole deal.


Apple said…
The 1st bhai was Ravana..
That is FUNNY.. :P
Prayukth said…
:) indeed, he ws the very first one :)

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