Iranian girls can help India negotiate better: Expert

The Iranian girls Asar Fajeli (28) and Fatima Mohamid (26), who went on a drunken rampage in Bangalore recently will soon essay a new role, according to a strategic affairs expert Dr Hammerschmidst. The renowned doc has asked the Indian government to accommodate the two in all future teams that are negotiating with hostile parties on issues critical to Indian interests. This move, according to him, will help India's cause in a big way.

“These two girls have demonstrated aggression that has been missing in all negotiations that India has had.  The consequence, be it talks with Pakistan, China or the extended negotiations on climate change, has been the same – we never had our way and all this will change once these girls hop onboard. Besides, there's nothing much that they have to look forward to in Iran, except a few whips,  Hammerschmidst told this blogger”. 

“In the future, these girls should be part of all negotiations and as and when we feel that the opposing side is not willing to listen, we just need to unleash these girls. They just need to go up to 50 mg of alcohol\dl, and these girls will beat the daylights out of our rivals and make them see reason. If these guys still do not see things our way, we can ask Nooriya Yusuf Haveliwala to drop these guys to their places” he added.

This blogger has learnt that the legendary Mike Tyson will soon be coming down to India to visit the two ladies. The once famous boxer has apparently been boxed by some of the moves used by Asar and Fatima.


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