Protecting Varun Gandhi? Someone gotta be kidding..

Apparently there’s a bounty out there on Mr Varun Gandhi and his narcissistic mom is running around trying to convince everyone that the threat is quite real. If this news is indeed true, there is a reason to cheer.

Who wants this guy to live? Shouldn’t he and his mom have thought about this imaginary threat when the prodigal son was shooting his vitriolic mouth off in that venom filled speech? Menaka Gandhi is worried about her son cause if anything happens to Varun, who will make those cheap speeches condemning his own fellow countrymen for the sake of power? She should be one proud mother to have raised a Pakistani (read divisive) son like varun.

What the hell will Varun achieve by staying alive? Bring in more communal tension and mutual hatred? Politicians like him are bunch of stone age cronies who want the nation to slip into the dark ages and live in a constant state of fear and anarchy. Shame on the can the BJP admit such unwanted people into the party? Throw out these clowns and bring in people who can bring in employment for the masses and development for the nation. Bring in leaders who can take the entire nation forward as one with realistic dreams and ideas.

I don’t want my tax money to be used to protect such a loudmouth. Let him and his proud mother suffer the consequences of his words and deeds.
Jai Hind


Anonymous said…
His mom is more concerned about him and animals than human beings. Seriously she likes animals Only.
Apple said…
As mr/ms anonymus said it...she only believes in the cause of dogs....its not surprising her heart aches for her son
Prayukth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
deekay said…
there is no probs in her liking dogs and animals and lets not forget she has done commendable job related to animal rights and welfare.....but really do not understand need for varun to do deliver such a speech at philbit..
Prayukth said…
She was fine..but just goes a bit over the top...varun is a useless charecter..

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