Why talk to Pakistan?

Indian government is again falling head over heels to speak to Pakistan to “normalize” relations. Our experts are of the opinion that our relations with Pakistan are pretty “normal” at this point of time

Talking with Pakistan will be as useful as:

• Asking Mayawathi to open a Facebook account
• Gifting a blackberry to Mullah Omar
• Asking Dev Anand to direct a John Woo movie
• Reminding Obama about his campaign promises on Pakistan
• Calling Australia a dignified country
• Asking china to stop peddling fake stuff
• Preaching the benefits of democracy to North Korea\Pakistan
• Explaining Archie’s marriage to Mamta Banejee
• Talking about patriotism to commies
• Asking Osama to preach peace

Why is our Prime Minister even shaking hands with his counterpart from a terrorist nation?Arent we asking Pakistan to start working on the next 26-11 by doing so? What will we acheive by speaking to a belligerent nation that believes in using terror as an instrument of state policy to destabilize its neighbors?

I don’t know…


Absolute said…
Well said... Does the Indian govt themselves know the answer? Haven't we had enuf?
Prayukth said…
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