The Shoe Protection Group to take shape

Indian politicians have unanimously asked the Indian government to set up a special group of commandos to protect them from shoes and other stuff hurled at them by disgruntled citizens.

Chavvani Lal, spokesperson of the Politicians of India and Surrounding Sites (PISS), a body formed to protect the interests of two-penny bribe guzzling politicians has launched a vitriolic attack against shoe throwers. “These guys are shoe-dlums they are a huge danger to the shoeciety and must be thrown into the Arabian Shoe,” an angry Lal said.

PISS has asked the government to raise a group of trained commandoes called SPG (Shoe Protection Group) to protect them from shoes. “This is becoming so common now-a-days; the other day my paperwala, barber and even the grocery guy flung a slipper at me. That day was so bad that even my wife threw a slipper at me. When I asked her, she simply smiled and said that she couldn’t resist,” a politician told this blogger on condition of anonymity. “The other day I went to purchase a shoe and this guy who was selling it to me threw a pair of slippers at me as soon as I told him that I was a neta. Why are people so angry with us,” A puzzled politician asks.

Another group of politicians has asked the government to sponsor a trip to Sweden to find out what the government there is doing to prevent shoe attacks. When reminded that this trip may actually be a disguised vacation, one of them lost his cool and tried to attack a journo. He was however subdued with shoes.


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