How bad is the ongoing recession?

You keep hearing about it day in and day out. So how bad is this edition of recession? Here are some signs…find out for yourself.

* Sultan of Brunei has started giving pink slips to his wives
* Warren Buffet has just put himself up for adoption
* Anil Ambani was spotted in a Kingfisher Red flight
* Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe now fits in one room
* Indian politicians were seen caught doling out IOUs to voters
* China has stopped using electricity to torture prisoners
* American Airlines is planning to allow standing passengers ala busses on peak routes
* Terrorists are issuing threats written in ink on paper instead of emails
* Al Qaeeda has issued pink slips to over 900 terrorists in Pakistan
* World Bank is considering a plan to send recovery agents to recover debt owed by Pakistani government
* IPL is considering a plan to hire ex-Indian Airlines airhostesses as cheer leaders


MUJEEBpatla said…
i wil giv one more...
statue of liberty is for sale on US...
Prayukth said…
Hahahah :))) Lolz buddy :))
Reme said…
Here's another one...
The Prez of US, O'Bummer wants to open the White House for 'Great Indian Weddings'

Reward failure with a $200 million bonus and then charge 100% tax on it...Ha Ha Ha
Prayukth said…
Hee hee heee Reme...good one... :)))))))))))

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