Dalai Lama is the brand ambassador for Royal Challengers

Bangalore Royal Challengers have a new mascot and a spiritual one at that. Peace monk Dalai Lama has been anointed as the new brand ambassador of the team from the nation’s IT capital.

“We believe in non violence and we don’t believe in defeating any team, which is why we sent a test team to the league last year. This year we have changed the team composition but the core message remains the same – we will not defeat any team,” RCB chief Mallya told reporters in Bangalore on Friday.

Meanwhile in Dharamshala, his holiness Dalai Lama cheerfully accepted his new role. “My ideology is quite similar to RCB and I am glad to accept this post,” he said. Meanwhile RCBs former brand ambassador is still looking for a team to represent. She was last heard asking her boyfriend Salman to buy a team in IPL.


Apple said…
hehh.. ;)
Interesting new ROle..
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