Ramlinga Raju family to open educational institute

The family of deposed Satyam chairman Ramalinga Raju has decided to start a new educational institute in honor of the most famous member of their clan. The family, according to sources, hopes the institution will help churn out more Rajus who will wreck havoc on the national and global economy in the future.

“This B (bogus) school will be producing world class MBAs and by MBA I mean Master of Bogus Administration, a art that was institutionalized by the likes of Harshad Mehta, Nick Leeson and the folks at Enron,” a family member told our correspondent Rajcreep on gmail chat. “I am pained by the fact that we have only managed to touch 7000 crores; we need more Rajus who can swindle 50000 crores and go scot free. I have been told that no school can create a Raju or a Mehta and I am going to prove them wrong,” he added.

The Rajus haven’t zeroed in on the location for the school. But queries on the courses and the school have already started pouring in. “I have had calls from PriceWateredHouse Bloopers, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan and even from the government of China” the family member said. The Ramalinga Raju Institute of Fraud and Forgery (RIFE) will start operations by the end of this year and hopes to unleash its first batch of fraudsters on the global economy by the beginning of next decade. Admission will be only through a national level CAT or the Crook Admission Test.


deekay said…
ha ha ha, loved "MBA" and "CAT"
deekay said…
also pricewatered house bloopers............keep it up.........:)
Apple said…
i know one Raju who sits right accross..what say? ;)
Prayukth said…
Thats a huge one... :((

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