When success strikes

How do you know that you have finally made it? How can you know for sure? Read on and find out.

You have made it if:

1) Your fav vacation spot is in space
2) You are paid 3 crore to write 3 lines cribbing about your professional rivals
3) George Bush blames your food habits for the rising global food prices
4) A new style is born every time you meet your hair stylist
5) Your list of girl friends used to include Carla Bruni
6) Your effigies are costlier than a Litre of petrol
7) You can actually tank up on fuel every single day
8) Your personal staff travel by their own Airbus
9) The commies call you a “good-for-nothing capitalist
10) Mahesh Bhat makes a movie on your 10th cousin’s affair with a supermodel


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