Indian Pyjama League?? What’s that?

Excited by the prospects of reaping rich monetary dividends on the lines of cricketers, Indian politicians have launched what they call the Indian Pyjama League (IPL). IPL will soon conduct nation wide auctions, wherein politicians will be traded like chicken.

The league has already issued full page ads in leading newspapers calling for EoIs from corporate houses, contractors, defence vendors and generic vendors and anyone who wants to purchase a ‘neta’. The only condition is that the buyer should have deep pockets and should be able to put up with the ego tantrums thrown by these two-penny freaks.

Speaking exclusively to this site, IPL spokesperson Nut-war Sing claimed that this was a historic and path breaking development for the nation as a whole. “From now on the whole process of bribing and purchasing politicians will become more transparent. People will know as to who exactly is the politician working for,” he said. Nut-war felt that this move will also help the so called underpaid politician claim his worth.

When told that this move could increase corruption in the country, Nut-war shot back, saying “we have already reached the pinnacle of corruption and how much more can you expect us to grow? Atleast by auctioning politicians in public, we are brining a semblance of transparency in the whole process and you should thank us for that”.

Politicians from across the country have registered for the league and will be split into various categories based on position and influence. Lobby groups can also purchase politicians for pursuing their divisive agenda. Apparently, politicians were quite jealous of the way in which cricketers were able to command high premium for their services for the Indian Premier League and wanted to replicate their success.

Once auctioned, a politician will work exclusively for his paymaster, who will have to pay a retainer fee over and above the initial payment.


Apple said…
Maybe Mayawati will do a good job at throwing tantrums...

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