Rishi Sunak won't be dancing at the Ambani wedding

In what could be constructed as the first fallout of the recently concluded UK elections, Rishi Sunak's name has been removed from the list of performers at the Anant Ambani - Radhika Merchant wedding to be conducted sometime soon. 

As per sources close to the Ambani family, Rishi Sunak has already been informed of the decision by the Ambani family. The cash rich-ettiqute poor Ambani family had made it clear that only a person who is the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom will be called in to perform at the wedding ceremony.  Former PMs will not be extended this honor. 

On being told about Rishi being a persona non grata on the Ambani dance stage, Sunak said "we were prepared for this moment..and I can assure you that while a part of me is disappointed, I am grateful to learn that my succesor will still be able to perform at this august event. I will continue to rely on my ability to shake a leg and I can further assure you that I will be nothing but relentless in this pursuit."

It is said that despite the performance being reserved for the current PM, Sunak still wanted to dance at the event and claimed he has been practicing for hours each since day the last 4 years to prepare for the event. 

"I can still dance and charm the audience. I have some signature moves and I am sure His Excellency the Puke I mean Duke of Antilla Mr. Mukesh Ambani will still invite me to dance at the event," Sunak is said to have told a close aide. 

The new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer meanwhile confirmed that he will be performing at the Ambani wedding. A note sent to Mukesh Ambani's office by Starmer, seen by Humor Unplugged, mentioned that he is looking forward to dancing at the event and that once the dance is done, the Indian government will keep its end of the deal and sign the Free Trade Agreement with UK.

Trudeau's application to dance at the Ambani wedding rejected again

In a fresh setback to partime Canadian PM and full time stale garlic popsicle Justin Trudeau, his application to dance at Chabbu Ambani wedding was rejected for the 7th time on Friday. 

Trudeau has been requesting Mukesh Ambani to allow him to perform at the wedding through many channels. In fact, Trudeau had asked his terror consulates in India to slow down recruitment of terrorists in order to impress Ambani to allow him to perform at the wedding. In addition to monetary compensation, Trudeau was hoping his dance moves would impress senior Indian leaders enough to restart bilateral talks currently stalled over disagreements oved trade, investment, terror financing and immigration. 

The Canadian PM may however be allowed to serve guests Swiss Sherbet at the event. This was after Trudeau threw a major tantrum during a MS teams meeting recently with Ambani's weding management office. 

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katty Perry, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Coldplay, Backstreet Boys and many other performers have already performed at some of the pre-wedding events organised by the Ambani family so far as part of the grand wedding celebrations. Motor mouth Arnab Goswami has been signed up to be the emcee, haldi (turmeric) consultant and lead dancer in one of the ceremonies. 

It is said that a sum equivalent to the Pakistan's annual GDP is being spent every day at each of these events. 

Rishi Sunak practicing his moves 

Trudeau doing what he does best - make a fool of himself and his country 



  1. Modi ji will be dancing at this event 😀

  2. Where can I apply to dance? Is there a link or a number to reach out to?

  3. Narendra Dramodardas Modi jiJuly 9, 2024 at 3:35 AM

    All the dictators will dance for sure at this wedding...


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