Angry Justin Trudeau files complaint at Chinese police station

In a major development, Canadian PM and a man with the maturity of a bryophyte, Justin Trudeau has filed a formal complaint at a Chinese police station in Cumberland, Ottawa. The complaint was accepted by Chinese senior inspector Daya Chunying in the early hours of Friday.

Sources in the know have told Humor Unplugged that the Canadian PM has presented many unsubstantiated allegations as facts to complain against India ignoring the Canadian manchild.

The Chinese police station has taken cognizance of the complaint and Chunying has promised to investigate asap. "We are upset with what our puppet the hon'able Justin Trudeau has had to go through. As a man who is self made and has not had to take anything from his father, India's behavior has hurt him. He was crying non stop and we have arranged for a pacifier and some toys to keep him busy while we investigate," Nehihua Bai Ming, china's viceroy for Canada said.

China has been running police stations in Canada with help from Trudeau's government since 2018. 


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