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Chandigarh boy appointed planetary protection officer by NASA

Close on the heels of a Chandigarh boy making it to Google HQ and back in a span of 24 hours, another boy from the city has made the country proud. Antariksh Sharma, a student of DAB school of fine arts has been appointed planetary protection officer by none other than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

It may be remembered that on July 13, NASA announced that they are hiring a "planetary protection officer," whose chief responsibilities would include protecting our beloved planet from the alien menace. Antariksh was apparently selected based on his amazing background which includes being able to name many stars in the night sky simply with the help of Google Sky. He can also look at the night sky and tell if the sky is cloudy or not.
Looks legit: The Offer Letter Antariksh got

Needless to say his parents are extremely excited. Father Sharma ji said “he was always into space. In the fights he used to pick up with his peers here, he always used to ask them to give him space and it was then that we knew he was destined for greatness. His mom however says that it was her brother who taught Antariksh everything he knew. “His uncle used to get drunk during the daytime, fall into ditches and then describe all kinds of stars he was seeing and that was a huge inspiration for our pappu,” she said.

Antariksh got the offer letter yesterday and he has been partying non-stop since then.
India’s leading tabloid Times of India has already published the story without any kind of verification. The kid will be appearing on Times Now tonight and he has been asked to recite two poems on space to prove that he has indeed been selected.

Antariksh has shared a copy of his offer letter with us and I must say that it is more than enough to make Times of India journos believe that he has indeed got into NASA.