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Kolkata wi-fi rollout problems sorted out: O Frian

Just hours after Times of India came out with an article highlighting concerns associated with the impending Wi-Fi rollout in Kolkata, The state government came out with a comprehensive plan of action to prevent bandwidth clogging.

The plan was outlined in an informal meet the press organised by Trinamool Congress spokesperson and Ra.One enthusiast Dereck O Frian today morning. "We are aware of media reports that have overplayed the clogging concerns associated with a Wi-fi roll out in Kolkata. I am here to clarify that such concerns are unfounded and based on a foundation that is as strong as the one Jinnah used to create Pakistan," O Frian said. 

Humor Unplugged got hold of the document he was waving and got to know the tactics lined up by Mamata government to resolve the issue. 

Here are some of the highlights of the plan
People found downloading more than 2 MB of data will be lathi charged and chased awayThose who download over 10 MB will be categorized as maoists and will d…

Obama and Modi agree to do a Bollywood duet

In what could be construed as a sign of increasing warmth in Indo-US ties US president Barack Obama and Indian PM Modi have agreed to do a duet in bollywood. The decision made public sometime tommorow evening, sources close to the Indian government told Humor Unplugged.

Coming on the heels of the agreement on liability as part of the civilian nuclear deal, experts on both sides agree that this duet will go a long way in cementing ties and taking Indo-US relationship to the next level.

"The Indian government is working to identify a suitable movie and song which will be on the lines of yeh dosti from Sholey to execute the agreement. I will share an update on this soon" a BJP source said.

The left parties meanwhile condemned the move terming it derogatory and "downright littoral in intellectual appeal".

Pakistan claimed that the duet will not adversely affect Pako-US ties. "Pakistans leadership has always danced to US tunes. We will upgrade this dance…