It was so cold today that…

  • Vijay Mallya was seen burning Kingfisher shares to keep himself warm
  • Salman Khan was seen burning newspapers containing Jai Ho reviews to keep himself warm
  • Kejriwal decided to consult Delhities to decide whether he should use a blanket, increase the AC temperature or wear a sweater
  • Poopnam Pandey was seen wearing a bikini
  • Rahul Gandhi said that unless the system was changed completely, the temperature won’t go up
  • Al Gore said he was ready to review his stand on global warming
  • Sri Lankan Navy stayed away from waters of the Bay of Bengal. But they did try to lure Indian fishermen to a few Lankan beaches in order to arrest them.
  • People logged in to twitter just to indulge in unfriendly exchanges to keep themselves warm
  • Syed Shah Geelani's teeth were chattering while they were still in the glass


Tia said…
The Salman Khan point was hilarious :P

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