Wife runs away with onion vendor, husband to sue the government

A guy from Bhopal whose wife ran away with an onion vendor plans to drag the union government to court over its failure to curb the soaring prices of essential commodities and for his wife not running away earlier.

Ammagaruqnik Uluriaq (name changed for privacy reasons), was upset because onion prices rose so late in the day. He has been married for almost a decade now. “I have been trying to get my wife to run away since ages and this has come so late in the day that I want to make someone pay here and I think the government is indeed a good choice. Besides my friends have urged me to sue the government for failing to control prices anyway so we are in effect targeting two missiles with one interceptor,” Uluriaq said.

When asked to what the government could have done to control prices, Uluriaq said the government should only allow prices to peak for a very short period of time and also share details on such a period with aggrieved partners, well in advance.

Union minister Kapil Sibal meanwhile defended the government. “We have done such a huge favour on this man and he is suing us. There is no justice in this world. He has already got what he wanted and still he wants to sue us. I find that extremely weird and unfathomable. This guy should be paying us and instead he is making us pay,” Sibal said trying hard to raise an eyebrow.

Mahesh Bhatt offers sympathies
Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt reached Bhopal yesterday and spoke to Uluriaq. Bhatt offered his sympathies and said that he plans to make a movie on Uluriaq. "The script for the movie will be finalized once the movie grosses 30 crore or more at the boxoffice," Bhatt said.    


Ramya said…
Hahaha Buddy :) who so ever you are you are an awesome awesome writer. Humor in writing according to me is the toughest :) genre!
And thanks for making me smile everyday :D BIG HUG to you!
shilpi3005 said…
lol....hilarious this was..too good!!
@Ramya :) that's the best compliment I have received in years...thanks a ton...thanks some more for the kind and generous words...a big hug back to you :) take care...you have not just made my day..but my week and year too :))) (grinning from ear to ear)
@Shilpi :) thanks am glad you loved it :)
Pradip Biswas said…
Price of Petrol and diesel is going to be the highest and Solar power cars which would stop at the next nukkad because of Poor sunlight should also let the lucky fellow give the feedback to hurry up the unsettled love with the nearest.
hahahah :) good idea Pradeep
Abhra Pal said…
Good one, once again.
Rajesh said…
How in the world do you ever come out with those names? Hilarious as usual. My sympathies with the guy she ran away with ;-)
Red Handed said…
I AM FROM BHOPAL....Must find out more about this guy!!!
Red Handed said…
Oh and btw humour is definitely your forte mate!!!

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